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If you want to start exercising, consider Yoga; Richmond has some excellent classes offered. Yoga is an old practice dating back to ancient India. Originally, people used yoga to reach spiritual goals, but today, that’s not necessarily true. Once introduced to the Western world, people discovered that yoga was an excellent tool to help relax and help overcome physical problems, while also being a great form of exercise. Don’t worry about learning a philosophy when you take yoga classes, most of them are strictly to exercise the body and relax the mind.

Yoga is a stress buster.

The focus on breathing is more than just insuring you get enough oxygen. It’s a way to help clear the mind so you relax and eliminate stress. While many of the positions require you to stretch your body and increase your range of motion, they are also ways of maintaining focus and keeping the mind free from stress inducing thoughts. The increase in blood circulation can also help clear the mind.

Yoga is both an isometric and weight bearing exercise that can aid in the prevention of bone loss.

Dr. Loren Fishman and Ellen Saltonstall, co-authored a book called “Yoga for Osteoporosis,” which included a pilot research study by Dr. Fishman where patients with osteoporosis and its precursor, osteopenia practiced yoga for ten minutes a day. Over a two-year period, these patients showed marked improvement in their condition. Unlike other forms of exercise that can play havoc on joints, yoga improved range of motion and didn’t destroy cartilage.

Yoga can lower blood pressure, blood sugar levels and offer other health benefits.

While you’ll immediately feel less stress following your first yoga session, you’ll start to notice other changes the longer you practice yoga. Your blood pressure drops, as do blood sugar levels and you’ll find some forms of chronic pain start to disappear, such as back or neck pain. You’ll find you think clearer and even improve your flexibility. Yoga can also increase lung capacity.

“The Journal of Sexual Medicine” published a 2099 Harvard study showing yoga could help boost your sex drive and improve sexual functioning. That’s one reason many spouses take yoga classes together.

Yoga will make you look svelte and move with more grace, which also makes you more attractive.

You don’t need special equipment to practice yoga. You can perform yoga at home, in a hotel room and even in a tent if you’re camping.

You’ll learn breathing techniques to relieve stress you can use anywhere in traffic, at home, in the office or even in public places, such as restaurants. While many other forms of exercise also help relieve stress, try doing cardio or aerobics in your car.

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Yoga Richmond

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