Yoga Berkeley, CA

If you love yoga, Berkeley, CA has a lot to offer. However, yoga classes are available for people of all abilities, not just those with extensive backgrounds in it. You don’t have to be young to benefit from yoga either. In fact, older people often gain more flexibility and improve their balance dramatically, something younger people might not notice. Yoga is a form of exercise that isn’t limited to a specific age group.

If you have stress in your life, yoga classes in Berkeley can provide relief.

Stress isn’t age specific or even income specific. It’s an equal opportunity affliction. Health issues, financial problems, work problems and family issues can all cause stress. Driving to work and home again in crowded traffic is stressful. Raising children, particularly teenagers feeds stress and makes it stronger. Stress can cause aging and illness; you have to find a way to protect yourself before it does. Yoga is a stress buster that can calm your mind and get you back on track.

Yoga gives you tools to beat stress anywhere.

While all forms of exercise help eliminate stress, yoga gives you ones to fight it no matter where you are. Many of the breathing exercises in yoga can help you when you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. Simply take a minute or two, do your breathing exercise and clear your head. You can do that anywhere in traffic, at work or at home. You can’t say the same for calisthenics.

Yoga can help you fight illness and injury.

Yoga improves flexibility and range of motion. That helps prevent muscle injuries caused by overextending tight muscle groups. Yoga also boosts the immune system, which helps prevent not only major illnesses but minor ones, such as colds, too. Studies show that yoga, as well as other forms of exercise, help to reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and many other serious illnesses.

Yoga helps improve cognitive functioning and is a great way for both the young and the old to improve thinking.

Yoga stimulates the body to produce a hormone that makes you feel good and encourages bonding with others. Taking classes with your family would be a great experience, particularly with grown children or elderly parents.

If you have a medical condition, make sure your instructor knows about it.

A competent instructor will identify your ability and adjust positions based on the information you told him or her about your physical limitations. While you might not be able to many of the positions immediately, once you take classes for a while, you’ll find they aren’t so difficult after all.

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Yoga Berkeley, CA

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