Richmond Yoga


If you’ve considered taking a Richmond yoga class, make sure you sign up right away. These popular classes fill up immediately because the citizens of Richmond are very aware of all the benefits yoga has to offer. While women in Richmond were first to discover yoga (You’d expect nothing less from a town with a park that pays homage to Rosie the Riveter), men are now realizing how beneficial yoga is and signing joining too. Many scientific studies are now proving the health benefits that yoga participants have known intuitively for years.

Yoga is a great way to cross train.

One reason men are now interested in yoga is that it’s so beneficial for cross training. While men may workout with weights or do exercises for bodybuilding, those who are interested in maintaining their physical strength also take yoga classes. Yoga helps to increase their range of motion, which can prevent injuries that can bench them from all the other physical activities.

Yoga is extremely popular with people under stress.

Most people who took yoga classes for years knew they felt better and more serene after a class. They knew the breathing exercises helped melt away built up tension and stress. However, scientific studies now show that there are both mental and physiological reasons for this. Changing focus from problems to breathing is one way yoga helps release tension. Yoga also helps increase various hormones, which promote a sense of well-being, too. Studies show it’s one of the best ways to relieve stress and you can use the breathing technique anywhere.

Yoga increases flexibility, balance and boosts the immune system.

The bending and stretching provided by yoga positions are good ways to help prevent injury. By increasing flexibility, you decrease the risk of injury, reduce the amount of energy required to perform certain movements, improve posture, reduce lower back pain and increase blood supply to the muscle tissue. Yoga also gives your immune system a boost, in addition to fighting stress