Hercules Boot Camp

If you started exercise programs before but got discouraged when you didn’t see results, a Hercules boot camp may be your ticket to fitness. A boot camp is a carefully guided crash course in exercise, where you have stretch your abilities. The instructor assesses your strengths and weaknesses and works with both, always challenging you with routines that are within your abilities but still difficult. You’ll work with the same people each session, making it more comfortable for every participant.

Boot camp builds comradery.

You’ll find that by the end of boot camp, you’ll develop good friendships that last beyond the camp. You may even find an exercise buddy at camp. All the participants are doing exercises, which challenge their abilities. Each participant understands the difficulty in accomplishing the goals the instructor sets. From the fittest person in the class, to the one who can barely lift a pencil, the empathy for fellow boot campers is tremendous.

You’ll learn exercises at boot camp you can use anywhere.

Boot camp doesn’t require any special equipment, in fact, some instructors hold boot camps outside in a natural setting, such as Refugio Valley Park or Ohlone Park and Community Gardens. These beautiful settings increase your sense of well-being and enjoyment, while keeping you far more comfortable than you’d be in a stuffy gym. The scene enhances all forms of exercise, but particularly yoga. Since there is no equipment at boot camp, you’ll learn exercises you can do anywhere, on the road or at home. There is no confinement to one setting, the world is your gym.

Boot camp can help you reach your goals.

When you start boot camp, the instructor identifies your level of fitness and asks you what your goals are. If you aren’t sure, he or she can help you set realistic goals. Throughout the boot camp, the instructor, often a personal trainer, assigns exercises that help you reach your goals faster, but are still within your range.

Boot camp is a great way for busy people to start an exercise regimen. Since these camps are far more concentrated and use very little, if any equipment, you’ll get a fast start and can continue on your own later.

You’ll get the benefit of personalized instruction without the expense at a boot camp. While you receive personal attention, you share the cost with all the other members of the group.

If you’re an old pro at exercise, you’ll learn new routines and combinations to improve your repertoire of workouts.

You can get your own group together to form a boot camp and combine fun with healthy exercise.

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Hercules Boot Camp

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