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If you’ve always envied the svelte appearance and fluid moves of dancers, then consider El Sobrante Yoga. Yoga is a great method of relaxing your mind, while you stretch your muscles, building both balance and flexibility. You’ll also find yoga offers many other benefits, such as a feeling of well being, better focus and even weight loss.

Build muscle strength with yoga.

Yoga is excellent for flexibility, anyone who’s seen the various poses will understand that. However, it’s also another way to build muscle strength and endurance. There are various types of yoga, some more strenuous than others, but all build muscle strength and endurance, just at varying levels. Examples that can build upper body strength are the plank pose and upward dog, while others may build hamstrings, quadriceps or back muscles. Almost all of the poses in yoga build core muscles, which help you with all types of activities from balance to lifting.

Lower your stress and blood pressure with the help of yoga sessions.

Most people realize yoga helps you focus and relax. Relaxation is just the ticket for lowering your blood pressure. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, led by Dr. Debbie Cohen decided to find out if yoga really was good for lowering blood pressure. They divided their 58 pre-hypertension subjects into three groups. The first group used diet and light exercise, such as walking. The second participated in yoga two to three times a week and the last group used both yoga practice and a controlled diet. After 24 weeks, both groups practicing yoga had equal drops in blood pressure levels, which were triple that of those who used only diet and light exercise.

Yoga improves your brainpower and attitude.

After studying some of the effects of yoga, a team of researchers at the Boston University School of Medicine felt yoga had a mood elevating effect on those who practiced it and surmised it may be one of the best ways to life your spirits and relieve anxiety. Another study in the June 2013 “Journal of Physical Activity & Health” state yoga may be one of the best forms of exercise for improved brain function, even better than aerobic exercises.

Yoga can help you lose weight, even though it doesn’t burn the calories of other types of exercises. Sometimes overweight is caused by stress or lack of balance in your life. Yoga can help you quiet your mind as it also builds strength and muscle tone, which aids in losing weight.

Yoga will help prevent injury later in life. You’re never too old to become more flexible. In fact, flexibility can help prevent injuries from simple twists and turns. Yoga helps.

Yoga is excellent for those who want to strengthen their backs. One study showed that yoga was superior to traditional therapies used for back pain, with the group practicing yoga reducing their levels of pain, improving functionality and lowering levels of depression.

Yoga can help you get into shape. Whether you want to whitewater raft on the Tuolumne River or hike Wildcat Canyon Tilden Loop, yoga can help you get into shape for the adventure.

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