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El Cerrito has so many beautiful parks, such as Canyon Trail or Ohlone Greenway, you’d think it would be easy to beat tension and stress. That’s not necessarily true. Just like any place in the world, jobs, family and even pets can cause stress that’s difficult to beat. That’s why El Cerrito Yoga is so important. Yoga is one of the best stress beaters, giving your body a chance to glide through positions as your mind relaxes and all the stress of the day melts. You’ll find you’ll truly appreciate all the beauty of this lovely area, once you begin classes.

You’ll become fitter and firmer after practicing yoga.

Yoga is good for the spirit but it’s also a fantastic way to help build strength, endurance and flexibility. You’ll find your body tones and muscles firm, giving you a sinewy strength and improved appearance. In many cases, people find it easier to lose weight after practicing yoga for a while. Increased muscle tissue or the mental peace that comes with the practice of yoga may be the reason you lose weight.

You’re never too old or young to improve flexibility.

There’s no reason you for lack of flexibility to stop you from trying yoga. It’s a perfect type of exercise to help you improve in that area. While you might not be able to touch your palms on the floor the first few months, or even past your knees, with patience and training, you’ll find your range of motion increasing each week. Before you know it, you’ll be doing the downward dog position and even be able to stand back up afterward.

Use yoga as part of a cross training regime.

Even if you’re a weight lifter, you can’t go wrong using yoga for cross training. Some bodybuilders use it in their off-season to help increase the range of motion, develop flexibility and prevent potential injury later. If you’re an avid lifter, runner or heavily engaged in any particular activity, adding yoga to your schedule can improve your abilities.

Yoga is a wonderful group exercise that brings people together in a unit. For a great couples’ night that’s healthy, consider getting your group to take yoga classes.

Yoga builds core strength that affects everything you do, from lifting to stretching.

Taking yoga is the perfect way to create “me time.” One of the benefits is to clear your mind and focus on the moment. Problems seem to disappear, at least for a while, and you’re better equipped to handle them afterward.

You’ll find your spirits lift after a few sessions. One study found that yoga was one of the best ways to fight both stress and depression.

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