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If you’ve heard about all the great benefits of yoga or just want to investigate it to find out why it’s so popular, you can check the El Cerrito Yoga Schedule to find a class time perfect for your needs. More and more people now understand the benefits of yoga, since the results of scientific studies prove what yoga fans innately knew all along. Yoga is not just good for your body, it’s also great for your mind.

Yoga can help reduce stress and blood pressure.

New studies show that people who practice yoga can lower their blood pressure more than those who use restricted diets and light exercise. In fact, yoga without a diet works just as well to lower blood pressure as yoga combined with diet does. For those who already have high blood pressure, you should discuss adding yoga to your therapy with your doctor. The benefits of yoga include lowering cholesterol levels, heart rate and blood pressure. A program designed by Dean Ornish, MD, used yoga for part of his heart disease program and showed it partially reversed heart disease without surgery.

Improve your spirit and your immune system.

Yoga can do both. Depending on the type of yoga you take, you’ll either learn deep breathing techniques, how to quiet the mind or both. These help calm you. However, biological responses also take place, such as lowering the stress hormones and increasing oxytocin, associated with a feeling of well being and belonging. Some therapists now use yoga for various types of mental conditions from depression to obsessive-compulsive disorder. It also boosts your immune system so you’re less likely to become ill.

Increase your range of motion and reduce potential injury with yoga.

Most people recognize yoga as a way of improving flexibility and increased range of motion. You’ll be far less prone to injury from muscle tears and strains the more flexible you become. It also helps with balance, something you often lose as you age. By improving balance, you’ll be less likely to fall, causing injury.

More flexibility keeps you younger looking. You’ll have spring in your step without the wobbling often associated with aging. Yoga keeps you toned and svelte so you’ll not only feel better, you’ll look younger too.

Yoga can be a great aid for athletes. It’s perfect as part of cross training.

Improve your focus. The winner of 2012 World Series of Poker took up yoga a few years before he won to relax, improve his focus and help him fight drug addiction. It worked as demonstrated by his multi-million dollar win.

Create a couples’ night that’s healthy. Find a spot on the yoga schedule that works for you and your significant other. You’ll find it’s a far healthier outlet than a dinner in a fine restaurant and creates more potential for bonding.

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El Cerrito Yoga Schedule

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