El Cerrito Fitness

If you’re looking for an El Cerrito fitness option that can breathe new energy into your life, consider signing up for one of the yoga sessions. While you won’t build huge muscles with yoga, you will improve your muscle strength, including core strength, as you also increase your flexibility. Most people want to keep their youthful vigor and exercise is one way to do that. Yoga can keep you limber or help reduce stiffness that comes with age. It’s a great alternative for people who want to do something different as their workout regimen or simply want a break from the gym.

Yoga is excellent for cross training.

While you might bulk up lifting weights, you’ll also find you have far less range of motion, unless you find alternative exercises to help. You can use yoga to prevent this. Yoga is a perfect blend for those with a more rigorous workout routine. It helps increase the range of motion so you’ll suffer fewer injuries. It’s also good for those just starting an exercise regimen. While it can be very rigorous at times, it’s far gentler on the body than pounding your feet on the pavement.

Exercise can help you be more mentally alert and yoga is one of the best.

Many professional athletes use yoga to help them in their area of expertise. Even professional poker players find it helps their game. Greg Mercer, winner of the $8.5 million dollar World Series of Poker Main Event title, uses yoga to help keep his mind clear and alert. Studies show yoga not only helps improve mental functioning, it also helps relieve stress and improve your attitude.

Yoga can help you lose weight.

There are various styles of yoga, with each style burning different amounts of calories, but they all help to improve muscle tone. The more muscle tissue you build, the more calories you burn