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If you feel antsy, irritable and uncomfortable, as though something is wrong but you can’t quite pinpoint it, it may be stress. Consider taking Berkeley yoga classes to help you relax and rejuvenate. Stress is a killer that affects every part of your body. It can give you a headache, upset stomach, chest pain, insomnia and high blood pressure. It contributes to the potential for heart disease, asthma, arthritis, depression, diabetes and high blood pressure. It also makes you grumpy, making it difficult for others around you. Exercise of any type is a stress buster, but yoga is one of the best.

You’ll learn breathing techniques you can use to eliminate stress when you’re not in class.

While you might be able to jog away the stress of the day, you have to wait until you find an appropriate time, unless you feel comfortable jogging in place in your office or getting out of your car in a traffic jam and jogging. When you learn the breathing techniques used in yoga, you have ammunition you can use anytime to eliminate stress before it causes any further harm.

Yoga tones muscles without adding bulk.

Not everyone wants big guns for biceps, but most people want a waistline that doesn’t have a donut of fat around it. You may not want to compete in a bodybuilding contest, but you would like to look your best in all your clothing, including swimwear. Yoga can help you achieve both. You’ll tone your muscles and help you to lose weight, primarily because you’ll start thinking differently about your body.

Yoga can keep you looking younger by slowing the aging process.

Your cells have telomeres that protect the chromosomes from losing valuable information when they replicate. The telomeres get shorter each time a cell replicates and eventually no longer provide protect, causing damage to the chromosomes and cell death. That results in disease and aging. Yoga helps increase telomerase, a substance protecting the telomeres and as a result, the DNA in your cells. When cells replicate longer, you look younger.

Yoga at Berkeley is good for people of all ages. It helps keep the elderly supple and improves balance to prevent falls.

Yoga helps you focus. Researchers studied the speed and accuracy on brain function tests, both before and after yoga and aerobic exercise. They found those participating in Yoga scored far better than those doing aerobic exercise do, although both improved.

Yoga improves your range of motion, which helps prevent muscle pulls and injury.

One study shows that when using specific yoga poses adapted to help people with chronic back pain, it both reduced pain and improved the subjects’ level of functioning. If you have special needs, such as back problems, discuss this with your yoga instructor before beginning a class.

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