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If you’ve lost weight before, only to find it return with a vengeance, a Berkeley nutrition coach, frequently a personal trainer, can help you. Yo-yo dieting is not only bad for your health, it makes you look older, as your skin stretches for the excess weight and then shrinks back slowly when you lose it again, often not fast enough to avoid wrinkling. According to some experts, when you repeatedly stretch the skin, it damages it to the point it’s not as elastic. Just like overstretching the elastic band in the waistline of clothing, eventually the skin doesn’t go back into shape.

You could stop dieting and simply learn to live with the extra weight.

Most people understand the health risk extra weight brings with it. It increases the chance of many diseases and conditions from coronary disease to diabetes. It also increases the risk for an early death. While you might not have a dangerous condition today, if you’re overweight, you’ll probably end up with one. At that point, you’ll have to learn to eat differently and your restrictions will often be more severe. Ignoring a problem is not the answer.

You may not want to lose weight; you may simply want to feel better.

A diet high in processed foods, sugary and fatty foods can leave you constantly feeling tired. You’ll find you’re sick more frequently than others are and often hungry. A nutrition expert can teach you new ways to eat and new food selections that can boost your energy and improve your immune system.

Don’t diet. Make a lifestyle change.

Diets just don’t work. They indicate you’re sacrificing certain foods you love. Making a lifestyle change means changing to a healthier way of eating. You may still be able to eat all the foods you love, but learn to make them differently so they’re less fattening and healthier. You’ll also find that many of the healthier foods taste fantastic. Often you use plenty of herbs and spices to add nutrition and flavor but not calories. A healthy diet leaves you filling full and satisfied.

A good coach can help you make wise decisions at the grocery. He or she will often provide a shopping list to help you get a good start.

You’ll be amazed at how delicious many of the “healthy” foods are. In fact, most of them don’t taste “healthy” at all, just yummy.

You’ll have more energy once you change your eating habits. They’ll be no more sugar highs or crashes.

You’ll find you’re happier and far less grumpy when you eat nutritiously. Your family will greatly appreciate your efforts and you can pass on all the information you learned to them.

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Berkeley Nutrition

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