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Hi my name is Francisco Flores, the owner of Hercules Yoga Fit. Yoga Fit Back Care workout really works on the core and the back and the spine: Really giving you flexibility and strength through the entire workout. Bringing those hands heart to center; inhale and then rotating to one side twist that spine; focusing on the alignment, coming back to center. And then inhale, and then over to the opposite side, focusing on the alignment, and then back to center. Nice tall long alignments, breathing in through those rib cages, all the way through that belly, take those hands to the side. Working on Pranayama Breathing which is, in through the nose out and out through the nose. Bringing our legs in front of us; keeping those legs bent. Just giving me a nice little tuck under, giving me a nice little C curve. Working that core and working that strength.

Coming back to center, sitting up nice and tall, dropping that chin to our chest, tucking that tailbone under just really giving us some extension and flexion of that spine. Everything that we do in our Yoga Back Care class really focuses on that care of that back and that strength throughout the entire class. If you’d like to join us in this yoga back care please hit the link below give us your information and we’ll give you a call back. Thank you for joining us.

If you are interested in trying our Hercules Yoga Back Care class click the link below

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