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Hi my name is Francisco Flores; I’m the owner of Hercules Yoga Fit here in Hercules California. Yoga Fit Flow is a flow class just like Vinyasa so going through the Sun Salutations and also some strength work and some core work as well. We’re going to start with standing at the front of our mat; we’re going to inhale, exhale into a forward fold, take a step back, right and left working that core, and then halfway down, all the way down, extending those toes, bringing that chest up, tucking those toes under, kicking those heels back, and getting that stretch to those hamstrings, we can walk the dog. Bringing our right leg up and through, building that strength through our core and also through those legs, bring your hands heart to center and then we’re going to inhale and then go into preparation of Warrior pose.

Shoulders pulled back and down, looking long through those fingertips, focusing on that strength and that stability. Working towards our triangle pose; taking that right hand down to the floor, or your ankle or your shin, rotating and looking up towards that ceiling. Breathing through those lungs, strong breath, and then rotating forward taking a step front; inhale all the way up bringing those hands heart to center, sitting into that Chair pose. Chair pose building stability and strength through those legs, adding a rotation to that Chair pose, and then back to center and then opposite side. Back to center, inhale all the way up; exhale all the way down, hands heart to center. If you’d like to join us through our Yoga Fit Flow, hit the link below and join us at one of the classes adding your name and information so we can call you back. Thank you for joining us.

Our Hercules Yoga flow series is a dynamic flow of the Sun Salutation poses that will create heat, flexibility and strengthen throughout the body. Great for all levels, modifications for poses will be given. If you are interested in trying out the Hercules Yoga for a free week trial please click the register button below.

Hercules Yoga


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