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From the desk of: Francisco Flores
Yoga Instructor
Hercules Yoga

Tuesday 9:45am

Dear Friend:

  • Do you want to get into shape but don’t know what to do or where to begin?
  • Are you fed up of being unable to make any progress with your training and your body?
  • Are you ready to finally take control of your life and your fitness, with a fun and safe solution which produces real results?

Francisco Flores

Francisco Flores

My name is Francisco Flores, and I’ve been immersed in the world of fitness for more than 25 years. Over that time, I’ve helped thousands of people reach their fitness goals, and with Hercules Yoga, I’m ready to help you unlock your potential and reach your physical and mental best as well.

From aerobics to step, from spinning to Pilates, and onto Zumba and now Yoga, I’ve been hands-on with all styles of fitness and exercise for a quarter of a century. With continued education, certification and training, I’ve learned that knowledge is power, and that’s what I help to show each and every one of my clients and pupils as well.

Hercules Yoga offers an unmatched fitness solution, which not only helps you get into shape fast, losing weight and toning and strengthening your entire body, but also helps to relieve your stress, give you a clear state of mind, and help you get ready to take on the world and whatever it may bring.

We invite you to come down to our yoga studio, and experience our innovative and successful system for yourself. With a one week free trial, there’s no reason to hesitate, and fantastic results are waiting for you right around the corner.

  • Get into shape fast, tone your body and improve your mental state of mind
  • Fun, safe and welcoming environment which can help transform your entire life
  • Look and feel at your best, as you fit into your old clothes, tone your abs and arms, and show off a nice butt!

Hercules Yoga Will Help You Lose Weight, And Experience Real Fitness Success as You Tone Up and Slim Down!
The best yoga studio in Hercules, Hercules Yoga:

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  • Multiple styles of yoga classes to accommodate your specific goals:
  • YogaFit Flow: Dynamic flow of Sun Salutation poses to create heat, improve flexibility and strengthen the entire body. All levels welcome, and modifications of poses given.
  • YogaBack: Therapeutic yoga for a healthy back, focusing on slow poses and deep breathing to increase stability and strength for a
  • stronger, healthier back, improved posture, and more.
  • YogaFit Essential: Basic beginner class for all ages and experience levels.
  • Tone up, lose weight, increase flexibility, and get into shape fast
  • Reduce stress, increase mental & physical awareness and get a clear mind
  • Experienced and friendly instruction
  • Fun, safe, clean and welcoming environment
  • Unlimited classes and programs to fit anyone’s budget
  • Free one week trial with no strings attached!

Hercules Yoga isn’t like your average yoga studio which you can find all over town. We have experienced, caring instructors, and a safe, clean and friendly environment which is welcoming to everyone, regardless of your age, experience or current fitness level.

We offer a positive community, where all of our members help to encourage one another to reach their goals and be at their physical best, while reaching a new and improved state of mind.

Hercules Yoga Other Studios & Gyms
Multiple styles of yoga to match anyone’s experience or goals Only one type of class or style offered
Fun, safe and welcoming environment Unfriendly or difficult for beginners and new members
Get into shape and also experience mental & lifestyle improvements Focused only on fitness and not long-term lifestyle or mental changes
Free one week trial with unlimited classes and affordable programs Expensive and inflexible memberships without guarantees of satisfaction


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We’re confident that our Hercules yoga studio is the best in the area, and we know that you’ll see quick results, with increased flexibility, stronger muscles, all-over body tone, and even reduced stress and a clear mind, while having fun in a clean, safe and welcoming environment.

In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll love the experience and want to continue, that we’re offering all of our new clients a one week free trial. No strings attached, and unlimited classes for a full seven days. Try a few classes and prepare to find your new passion!

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Our Hercules yoga studio will help you transform your entire life. We’ll clear your mind and reduce your stress, as we help you get into shape quickly, improve your strength and tone, and increase your flexibility.

You’ll lose weight and drop those extra inches, fitting into those old clothes you’d never thought you’d see again.

We offer a versatile system and solution, which can be tailored to your exact needs and goals, and we’ll work with you to ensure that you see and maintain real results.

With a free one week trial, you can experience what our yoga studio has to offer, and we know that you’ll want to continue coming back for more. We hope to see you in class soon, and we’re ready to help you tone up and slim down, and look and feel better than ever!


Francisco Flores
Yoga Instructor
Hercules Yoga

P.S. Your one week free trial is awaiting you! Get started today and you’ll begin to see immediate mental and physical results. The new and improved you is ready to be unleashed with Hercules Yoga, we’ll see you in class!